Clients Speak

Sara from From The Desk of Sara says:

"If only all makeovers were this quick and painless!"

Katie from The Road Less Traveled says:

"Becky with Creative Blog Designs was fantastic to work with and very quick and efficient-quick communication and very friendly-I definitely recommend her if you are interested in a blog makeover!"

Krista from Protect & Provide says:

"I have been wanting a new design for awhile, as you know.I went to her place cuz it was cute. But you know what was better....I got all of this for $30!!!THIRTY DOLLARS!! ($30)I know right? She must be crazy cuz she could charge sooo much more but she likes doing it so she doesn't. (Wow for run on sentences!)So I know you have been pondering about getting a new design so go check her out! She is so great and fast."

~Andrea from Potts Family Adventure says:

"Let me tell you Becky at Creative Blog Design http://creativeblogdesigns.blogspot.com/ did such a wonderful job. I just love it!!! She was so professional and was willing to create anything my little heart desired! So if you guys are in need of a new blog design please visit her website. You won't be disappointed! "

~Sissy from Mama's Other Side says:

"That genius, Becky, has done it again. I happen to adore it!"

~ Sarah from Notes from the Zoo says:

"Becky over at Creative Blog Designs did an absolutely outstanding job, don't you think? She couldn't make it any easier for anyone to get a new blog. Give her your ideas on a great little form she sends you and she tailors your site. {I think she crawled in my head while I was sleeping last night and took a picture of my idea!}Everyone stand up and cheer! The New Zoo is here!! A million thanks to Sissy over at The Martians landing zone and a bajillion to Becky at CBD!! You guys rule!!"

~"J" from Musings From Left Field says:

"I love it and it goes PERFECT with my blog title that Giants Fans picked out for me when I started this blog!
If you are looking for a new look for your blog head on over to Creative Blog Designs and Becky will give you the "HOOK-UP"! For real! She did this for me in less than 24 hours! It was such an easy process!!!! I would have NEVER thought!
Now my blog is a little more personalized and little more "ME" (besides how skinny the blond chick is ~ that is sooooooooo not me ~ I only wished ~ lol)!!!I hope you like my new look because I love it and I think Becky at Creative Blog Design ~ ROCKS!!!! For real, she is so "CHEAP" but in a GOOD way!!!!! =) Go check her out!!!!"

~Deb from Linens Lace and Lattes says:

"Becky at Creative Blog Design...created my page and I lOVE it! She is great to work with and FAST! Thanks Becky. "

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